Friday, April 20, 2007

taxes / someday lounge

Okay, so I had to do my taxes on Sunday. So I packed everything up, threw my calculator into my bag, and went to get a drink at the Someday Lounge.

I grabbed the table near the bar and spent an enjoyable couple of hours listening to the Portland Cello Project; the performance culminated in a six-cello rendition of Hey Ya! which was beautiful but oddly subdued (hmm).

Blue Monk and Myshkin's Ruby Warblers

Two things I've never done and been meaning to do - go to the Blue Monk and go see Myshkin.

I have to admit that I am not into jazz at all, so despite living practically in the same building as the Blue Monk, I was merely curious about the venue rather than interested in being a regular patron. Turns out, it's a great space and I'd be delighted to go again (um, as long as the show's not jazz!).

Myshkin's Ruby Warblers on the other hand I did get more excited about. And they're about to embark upon a European tour!


Bought a wardrobe at this great place called antiques. I'm not really sure that their stock is really antiques rather than just old furniture, but they've got a lot of different styles represented and lots of big pieces (I needed a wardrobe and there were quite a few to choose from).

Thankfully, Nancy the Proprietor had a tape measure that I could borrow, and my wardrobe looks great in my bedroom.

Check them out at SE 2nd & Main (I finally figured out that it's easiest to take Taylor to get across Grand and MLK!).

professional lacrosse

Just made it under the wire - saw the Portland LumberJax play their last lacrosse game of the season.

The sport is fun to watch, for sure. The crowd is fun too - lots of folks decked out in plaid shirts and even some with huge foam chainsaws.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Portland Spelling Bee

This week at the Bee we had Jesse Allison do some stand-up. He was amusing, but I think if people expect to laugh out loud at comedians, their expectations are too high. When he and I were talking in the bar beforehand, he was hilarious. Maybe the format for stand-up should change? Thoughts welcome. I've thought of doing some of that myself, but styling it as a one-act monologue, or something, so people don't expect it to be funny, and are surprised and pleased to find themselves laughing. In my performance art fantasy life, I riff on all my dating experiences.

Next week: Madame Winklepicker hosts a post-Spelling Bee spelling bee, with some naughtiness and a bit of an edge. Looking forward.

the variety show at the someday lounge

LOVE the Someday Lounge. In fact, everything on NW 5th & Couch is great: all my favorite art galleries are there. Portlanders are doing such great stuff.

Friday, February 23, 2007

some old haunts

"Working" "from home" today. Which means that I slept in, took a yoga class, had coffee at the Ugly Mug, lunch at New Seasons, more coffee at the Fehrenbacher Hof Coffee Room, etc. (Okay, I admit it, I did in fact have a very productive work day - perhaps due to all that coffee?)

Grabbed a flyer for a new Fever Theater show, Billum Bay, which looks exciting, as their shows always do, so I secured tickets. Ryan from Iretsu also urged me to come to their performance Saturday at the Someday Lounge, part of a thirty-act art-auction fundraiser for another performance, and so the cycle continues.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Portland Spelling Bee

Another Monday night, another evening of spelling and entertainment. Tonight we had a bunch of brilliant spellers and an excellent performance by consummate indie popster Ross Beach.

But more importantly, we had drink samples beforehand! I think that's what happens if you hang out in a bar with the head bartender before the bar opens: the alcohol reps drop by and make you free drinks (make you drink?).

New Belgium is not my favorite, though they do some cool stuff (full disclosure: I'm always biased toward Portland-produced whatever). I do, however, really like the 1554, a nice dark beer. They've got a new organic offering, a spiced hefeweizen, which was truly awful, unfortunately.

But then, the rep for House Spirits Distillery, one of the new local places making high quality liquor, came by with Medoyeff Vodka and Aviation Gin. I'm already a huge fan of the gin, having decided that local and sublimely delicious is worth busting the alcohol budget for (a bottle is $28 and worth every penny), but hadn't tried the Medoyeff. I've been a fan of New Deal vodka for a while now, another local spirit, but I might be ready to upgrade (New Deal is $20 and Medoyeff is $22, so not much of a difference) since it tastes pretty terrific on the rocks with a twist of grapefruit, which is how Dee the Rep recommended it.

Either way, free drinks are free drinks.

biking around southeast portland

Highly recommended. Very therapeutic for me as I am still recovering from being hit by a car while biking last spring, but mostly because it was so beautiful, fun, and low on hills. And my supportive cycling partner was very sweet about the whole thing.

Didjeridu at It's a Beautiful Pizza

Pizza places are not my usual hangout, but I wanted to see some music and get a beer, and they've always got that going on at It's a Beautiful Pizza. This particular Sunday evening, the crowd was thin, but the musicians were having fun, and I got a chance to try the current Portland Collaborator beer, a dark winter ale. The Organically Grown Ensemble was not jazzy as I had feared (jam-band folky instead) and it was great to write in my journal, people-watch through the Belmont Street windows, and enjoy the Collaboration between Widmer Brewing and local brewpeople. So Portland, except it was only drizzling out.

Sapphire Hotel

Haven't been to the Sapphire Hotel in a year, and despite new ownership, it was as wonderful as I remembered. A full house on a Saturday night, but mellow. Great menu (my date had the ahi, very reasonably priced and delicious) and special drink offerings. I asked for a recommendation from our server, who told me she likes sweet fruity drinks. "Ah, well I want more of a guy drink I think," was my response - and she sold me on something called the lounge singer, which was nice and pungent. Flirted with my date (eat drink kiss, the menu orders, and who am I to disobey?), watched the servers and bartenders (I am looking for new fashion ideas), enjoyed the other denizens of the establishment.